Dental Implants

In 1952 a scientist/orthopedic surgeon by the name of Dr. per-Ingvar Branemark had been doing some experiments in regards to titanium and bone. What he found is that titanium will bond with bone, and that is how tooth implants were discovered. When you lose one or several teeth your facial structure can become compromised, and your jawbone can deteriorate. With the help of dental implants not only will this be prevented, but they will also function exactly like your natural teeth.


What are Dental Implants?

Tooth implants are small titanium posts that fuse with your jawbone and then crowns are placed on top of the posts and they act as your natural teeth. There are two types of dental implants. Endosteal, being the first and most common, is in the bone post, which is generally for one crown, a bridge, or implant supported dentures. The second type is Superiosteal, which is on the bone(jaw) with metal framework posts. These are for those who can not wear normal dentures and have a minimal bone height.

Tooth implants can also range from a single tooth where there is an implant of one post and one crown to several teeth where there are ‘bridges’ that have two posts with a bridge of multiple missing teeth. Lastly, there are replacements for all teeth which are known as a full bridge or implant supported dentures.

Dental Implant Cost

Dental implant cost is not a set number and will be discussed with you during your free consultation. Your insurance may cover part of the dental implant cost, while we have other flexible payment plans available from American Dental Solutions to help you with the final total.


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