Get a New Smile with Lumineers

Lumineers are a specific brand of veneers that are used to cover/fix discolored, worn down, chipped, broken, uneven, irregularly, misaligned, or gap teeth. Once fitted to the teeth, Lumineers will last up to 20 years, making them extremely durable. They require no special care outside of a good general dental hygiene routine. Other alternatives at American Dental Solutions include veneers, bonding and crowns.

Lumineers vs. Veneers

Are you wondering if you should choose lumineers or Veneers? The difference between lumineers and veneers is that no enamel needs removed for lumineers because they are only the thickness of a contact lens. The other difference between lumineers and veneers is that lumineers will last for up to 20 years unlike traditional veneers, which will last for about 5-10 years.

The Process

Lumineers can be applied in just two visits. On the first visit, you will discuss the cost and the shade of white you will wear. Then a mold of you mouth will be made so the lumineers can be custom made to fit your mouth. On your second visit, your veneers will be placed over your pre-existing teeth in about an hour.

Lumineers cost

Lumineers cost is generally between $800 – $2,000 per tooth, but that can be dependent on a lot of factors of the procedure. The cost will be discussed with you at your free consultation, along with American Dental Solutions’ flexible payment plans.