Crowns & Bridges

Make your smile whole again.

A crown on tooth or dental bridge may be the perfect solution for a damaged or missing tooth. Because crowns and bridges are cemented in, they offer the perfect long – term solution for many patients. American Dental Solutions houses it’s own Dental Laboratory so our Dentists can work closely with our technicians to hand craft the finest crowns and bridges perfectly created for you smile.

Crowns are used to replace a large filling or area or decay when there is not enough tooth left, protect a weak tooth, restore a fractured tooth, cover a dental implant, cover a tooth that had a root canal, and in terms of tooth bridges, used for those with missing teeth.

Crowns and tooth bridges are generally made of a metal base layer for strength and covered in porcelain or ceramic, which can be made to match the natural color of your teeth. Sometimes, they will be made entirely of gold or metal alloys, but this style is generally used on teeth in the back of your mouth. Lasting for up to a lifetime, they act as naturally as real teeth. This is what makes putting a crown on a tooth or a dental bridge viable options for many different problems.