Pediatric Dentistry

Tips on preparing your child for the dentist

Taking your child to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking and dreaded experience. A dentist’s office is full of loud noises and strange people. However, with the right steps the visit doesn’t have to be a disaster and can actually be a good growing experience for your child. Here are a few tips to help ease your child into pediatric dentistry.

Before you go:

  • Talk to your child about what a pediatric dentist does in a simple manner. You could come up with a fun way to explain the dentist trip.
  • If you have any fear of the dentist do not speak of it.
  • Do not talk about “shots,” “drills,” or “needles.”
  • Discuss any worries with your family dentist, this will not be their first child patient, and they can offer some insight.


  • Provide your pediatric dentist with a list of any medications or medical conditions your child may have.
  • If your child has a sucking habit (thumb, bottle, etc.) please make sure your family dentist is aware.
  • Request to be in the examining room with your child, so as they will not be upset, and comfort them when needed.


  • Praise your child for their good behavior; maybe award a prize like a sticker or treat at dinner.

Pediatric dentistry is important part of ensuring your child grows up healthy and happy. Schedule your pediatric dentist appointment today.


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