Root Canal Therapy

What is a Root Canal?

When you get a tooth infection or a large cavity causes the tooth’s pulp and/or root to become inflamed, you will need a root canal. Saving your natural teeth is often your best option, and a root canal is designed to do just that. During this procedure the pulp and root will be removed, sealed, and potentially capped. The initial tooth infection can be quite painful, however not necessarily the procedure. A painless root canal is possible, and does not need to be a multi-appointment experience. With today’s modern technology, American Dental Solutions can perform a one visit root canal.

Root Canal Cost

Root canal cost like many of our other costs is entirely dependent on your personal treatment plan. American Dental Solutions offers flexible payment plans and will work with you to see how much your insurance will cover.

Looking for a quick root canal? Schedule a free “one visit root canal“ consultation with any of our general dentists or stop by any of our American Dental Solutions locations for more information.