Tooth Extractions

Despite our best efforts in saving teeth, sometimes extractions are the only option. Extensive trauma, decay, gum disease and cracked or broken teeth can lead to extractions. Extractions are very common procedures performed at all American Dental Solutions’ locations.

It may be necessary for some teeth to be extracted by a specialist. Our on-staff oral surgeon is available for pain and anxiety free extractions through the use of sedation. If you prefer to sleep through your appointment, just request our oral surgeon. After the extraction is complete, you can expect some minor discomfort. Follow the guidelines your doctor provides to ensure a successful and speedy recovery.

Leaving a missing teeth can cause various complications down the line including shifting, alignment and occlusion issues. Be sure to replace your missing tooth. American Dental Solutions provides several options for replacing your tooth. Options for replacing your tooth include: dental implants, dentures and bridges.

Tooth Extraction Cost

Tooth extraction cost is entirely dependent on you personal treatment plan. American Dental Solutions offers flexible payment plans and will work with you to see how much your insurance will cover. Contact us today for a free consultation or stop by any of our American Dental Solutions locations for more information.