Insurance & Payment Options

At American Dental Solutions, we believe that quality dental care should be affordable and accessible to everyone. We understand the importance of dental care, and when it comes time to make dental payments we offer a variety of options. That’s why we accept most insurance plans, and offer care plans for those who do not have dental coverage – or who have exceeded their maximum insurance coverage. We also offer dental care financing for procedures that are either elective or not covered by insurance. With American Dental Solutions and plenty of Dental Care Financing options, you will have what it takes to make your dental payments.

No dental insurance? Contact us today to find out more information on how we can help. Sign up for Platinum Plus to save hundreds or thousands of dollars every year.

Financing Options
The Care Credit Card provides affordable payment options designed to fit every budget. learn more

Accepted Insurance Plans
A complete list of insurance plans that are accepted by American Dental Solutions. learn more

Platinum Plus
The American Dental Solutions Platinum Plus plan is specifically designed for individuals and families who do not have dental insurance. Routine preventative care is covered at a fraction of the cost of what the same services would cost without Platinum Plus. learn more

No Insurance
American Dental Solutions gladly accepts new patients that do not have health insurance. We realize that many business owners pay dental costs out-of-pocket and we are happy to work with individuals, families, and small business owners that prefer to pay dental costs by cash, check, or credit card. learn more