Be proactive and prepare for dental emergencies before they happen! Take care of yourself and family members by going over these steps together so that when a dental emergency arises you can get the best care possible. Always remember in an emergency to remain calm, assess your situation, determine if it is a true dental emergency, and then follow the steps below.

Call your Emergency Dentist.

The first step in a true dental emergency is to contact your Emergency Dentist and make arrangements to see them as soon as possible. Immediate professional care is the best way to ensure no further harm is done to your injury, and that the wound or pain is treated properly. From severe mouth pain to a chipped tooth, it is crucial to understand the importance of immediate care because waiting may cause permanent damage or need for more intensive treatment later.

Tip: Add your Emergency Dentist into your phone’s contact list (or better yet on speed dial!) to save time instead of searching for the phone number when in a true emergency.

For specific dental emergencies follow these steps:

  • Toothaches- Thoroughly rinse out mouth, use dental floss, apply cold compress (if mouth is swollen) and never use a painkiller because it may burn gym tissue.
  • Chipped or broken teeth- Save any pieces, rinse the mouth and broken pieces with warm water. If bleeding, use gauze to compress until bleeding stops. Apply a cold compress on outside of mouth near chipped/broken tooth.
  • Knocked-out tooth- Retrieve tooth (Do not hold where tooth connects in mouth, because it may damage the tooth), rinse with warm water and contact us immediately.
  • Mouth tissue injuries- First rinse your mouth with a salt-water solution. Then use a piece of gauze to bleeding site for 15-20 minutes. Finally apply a cold compress for 5-10 minutes. If bleeding does not stop contact your dentist immediately.

If you are in need of urgent dental care, you can trust American Dental Solutions to be your Emergency Dentist. Call 1-844-9smiles.