No Dental Insurance? No Problem

American Dental Solutions gladly accepts new patients that do not have insurance. We realize that many business owners pay dental costs out-of-pocket and we are happy to work with individuals, families, and small business owners that prefer to pay dental costs by cash, check, or credit card.

Platinum Plus Membership

We do our best to provide convenient and affordable services to all of our patients. However, some patients worry that without dental insurance they cannot afford the necessary treatments they need to restore and maintain their oral health. As a result, we stepped up to the challenge and found a solution to meet our patients’ needs and budgets! With the Platinum Plus membership there is no need for dental insurance.  The Platinum Plus Dental Plan at American Dental Solutions is designed specifically for individuals who do not have dental insurance. Enjoy huge savings at the dentist, orthodontist and oral surgeon. Save up to 60% on all services! Routine preventative care is covered at a fraction of the cost of what the same services would cost without Platinum Plus.  Click here for more information.

Emergency Care with No Insurance?

Are you in need of emergency services, but don’t have insurance? We can help! Contact your local American Dental Solutions office today for more information on Platinum Plus discount dental plan… It pays for itself! So call 1-844-9SMILES now to schedule an appointment promptly.

Try the Platinum Plus Dental Plan.

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