Tooth Contouring

Tooth contouring is a procedure that is used to reshape cracked, chipped, overlapping, irregularly shaped, or length of teeth. Best of all, shaping teeth is a treatment that has instant results. Therefore, doctors sometimes use this treatment instead of orthodontic braces or other more time consuming treatments. It can also lower the risk of tooth decay because it can fix overlapping teeth, which eliminates the chance of plaque building up and being hard to reach. Tooth contouring, while taking off only a few millimeters of surface enamel using dental instruments and abrasion techniques, is painless and can change your smile rather quickly.

The Process

The first step in shaping teeth is for your American Dental solutions doctor to take x-rays to determine candidacy for this procedure. Once the dentist approves your treatment plan, they will mark your teeth for the process. Subsequently, the sanding process will begin, and once that is complete the dentist will smooth and polish your teeth.

Tooth Contouring Cost

The tooth contouring cost is generally an affordable alternative to the more expensive, long term procedures that teeth shaping replaces. However, cost is entirely dependent on the amount of sculpting done. Your American Dental Solutions’ doctor will discuss with you treatment costs and also about our flexible financing options.

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