Knowing It’s Time to Get Dentures

It might run through your head, “How do I know if I need Dentures?” Knowing why dentures are important is the first step to obtaining the care you need. Determine if its time to get dentures by asking yourself if you fit the descriptions below.

1. Your Health

If you are missing several teeth there is usually a reason why that is affecting your health. One of these reasons could be gum disease, so you should consult your dentist. What you need to know is that gum disease can infect anyone, and unbeknownst to you it could be killing all of your teeth. If you lose teeth to gum disease then your jawbone and gum tissue is likely to deteriorate making your face lose structure.

2. Your Confidence

If you notice yourself purposefully not smiling in public, or smiling with your mouth closed for photos then you might be self conscious about your teeth. Don’t miss out on enjoying life and get your confidence back by finding out if dentures are the right solution for you to get your smile back.

You’re ready for a new smile! You feel its time to get dentures. Now what?

Consulting with your local dentist is never a bad way to begin. At American Dental Solutions we even offer free consultations. Call 1-844-9smiles or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

time to get dentures


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