Dental Cleaning & Exams

Preventative Dental Care For The Entire Family.

Here at American Dental Solutions we care about the hygiene of your mouth so you can smile brighter for longer. Every patient’s situation is different, but typically we recommend our patients to visit our office every 6 months for a professional dental cleaning and exam. This way we can ensure that your mouth is staying healthy, and any concerns can be diagnosed before they turn into real problems. During your dental cleaning, the overall health of your teeth will be assessed along with discussion of your at-home care. Dental hygiene ultimately starts at home, continues in our office, and ends at home, so we at American Dental Solutions wish to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your teeth. Coming to your appointments every 6 months (or as recommended to you by your dentist), and following a regular teeth cleaning schedule can help you maintain proper oral health.

Dental Cleaning

Services Provided During your Teeth Cleaning appointment to help you fight decay and maintain healthy teeth and gums:
• Dental X-rays
Fluoride Treatment
Oral Cancer Screenings

Dental X-rays / Fluoride Treatment / Dental Sealants / Oral Cancer Screening

More Cleanings & Exams


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