Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, typically emerging between ages 16 and 23, are the furthest back molars and can pose various issues requiring extraction.

At American Dental Solutions, we will monitor them during regular visits to prevent complications. Impaction, a common reason for extraction, happens when there’s insufficient space in the jaw for these teeth to emerge fully. Partial emergence can lead to bacterial entry into the gum, causing an infection known as Pericoronitis.

Wisdom Teeth Procedure

Wisdom teeth removal is a routine oral surgery involving local anesthesia, often supplemented with sedation for patient comfort. During the procedure, your dentist will incise the gum tissue, extract any covering bone, and remove the wisdom teeth. 

Closure of the gum line may require stitches. Recovery is typically smooth with pain relief medication, antibiotics, and proper post-operative care as advised by the dentist.

Is it Time to Visit the Oral Surgeon?

Experiencing heightened discomfort around your wisdom teeth? It could indicate the need for Wisdom Teeth removal. 

Book an appointment at American Dental Solutions for a thorough evaluation. X-rays will also be conducted, and our team will discuss your treatment plan and financial options in depth. 

Visit our Oral Surgeon at our East NorritonHamburgKenhorstLancaster, and Trappe locations.

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