Facial Trauma Reconstruction

American Dental Solutions cares about what happens to you, and we know there are various ways a person can become injured and need Facial Trauma Reconstruction. This trauma can happen through a number of ways, including accidents, falls, car crashes, dog bites, and interpersonal violence. Facial reconstruction aims to fix soft tissue injuries, lacerations, intraoral lacerations, and knocked out teeth.

The types of facial reconstruction are:

  • Avulsed (knocked out) teeth- in some cases teeth can be re-implanted, as long as the problem is dealt with quickly to ensure success.
  • Bone Injuries- the face may endure fractures on the cheekbones, jawbones, eyesockets, palates and noses, and will need corrective surgery.
  • Other injuries- these are usually a bit more specialized regions that include nerves in the face, the eyes and salivary glands.
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