Bone Grafting & Tooth Contouring

Bone grafting and tooth contouring is a type of surgical procedure used for reshaping the bone that holds one or more teeth in place. This is used to treat the gum disease called Periodontitis, which produces holes in the bone around teeth causing them to come loose and fall out.


BeforeĀ American Dental Solutions performs this procedure, the patient must have another procedure performed called scaling and root planing. When it is time for the Bone Grafting and Tooth Contouring surgery, a local anesthetic will be applied to numb the area. Next, the dentist will cut around each tooth to release the gums from the bone. The bone will be shaped and in some places removed to keep the contour correct. If there are any large holes they will be filled in with a grafting material. Once bone grafting and tooth contouring is complete the gums will be stitched back into place. The patient may be prescribed pain medications after the surgery, and will check in with the periodontist about 7-10 days after for to check on the healing process.