Denture Relines

After years of wear and use, you will eventually need denture relines. That’s because when you don’t have the protection of your natural teeth, bone begins to deteriorate and shrink over time. Bone loss can make your jaw line recede and change its natural shape. This bone loss and change in shape will continue as years go by, which will cause you to need denture realignment.

At American Dental Solutions, we understand the importance a properly fit denture is to your self-esteem and well-being. We recommend a denture realignment every two years. Our expert denture services are designed to take loose uncomfortable dentures and make them feel great again.

With Denture relines, we start by removing some of the plastic from the inside of the denture and molding with another material to create the shape of your gums. Then the denture is sent to American Dental Solutions’ in-house dental laboratory, where the impression material is replaced with pink, hard acrylic in exactly the same shape as the original impression material. When returned, the denture now conforms to the contours of your mouth, providing a snug, comfortable fit.

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