When there is an infection after root canal surgery, an apicoectomy will be needed. Also known as endodontic microsurgery, apicoectomies are performed to remove the infected tissue and the root tip, so the infected tooth won’t need to be extracted. When there is an infection after root canal surgery, it is generally because there is a problem with the root apex, and that is why an apicoectomy is needed, and only performed after a root canal.


If you feel your tooth may be infected after having a root canal, the first step is to have a consultation with your American Dental Solutions doctor. They will take x-rays and administer an antimicrobial mouth rinse or anti-inflammatory medication as needed. During the apicoectomy, the gum will be cut away from the tooth, so that the tooth is accessible. Then, the infected tissue and root tip will be removed along with 3-4 mm of the canal cleaned. A small filling will be placed to seal the end of the root canal and the gums will be sutured back together.

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