Pre-Prosthetic Tooth Extractions

Pre-prosthetic tooth extractions are procedures done before any prosthetics are placed in the oral cavity. These procedures prepare the mouth for prosthetics such as dentures or dental implants that will transform your smile and restore your oral health. American Dental Solutions usually performs this type of surgery under anesthesia to provide optimal comfort for our patients. As a result of this procedure, we will be able to restore your smile for healthy, beautiful results.

Pre-prosthetic extractions potentially include:

  • Smoothing and reshaping of bone
  • Removing of bone protrusions
  • Reducing jaw ridge
  • Removing excess gum tissue
  • Removing teeth

At American Dental Solutions, we aim to have all procedures run smoothly which is why we work with you every step of the way. Our treatment plan coordinators and doctors will answer all of your questions and provide compassionate care. Before you know it you will have your best smile!

Even more, we accept most insurances and offer easy payment plans. Don’t have insurance? No problem! Click HERE to sign up for our in-house dental plan for up to 60% off on dental care.

So are you ready to transform your smile? To schedule an appointment today, call American Dental Solutions at 1-844-9smiles.


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