Flossing your teeth is an important step to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It helps remove plaque between teeth that toothbrushes can’t reach, which is important because plaque can cause gingivitis and cavities. Most people learn how to floss using the traditional dental floss. However, there are several different products you can use that can help if you are having difficulties with flossing the traditional way. These products include oral irrigators (A.K.A. dental water jet) and floss picks. It does not matter when you floss, only that you do at least once per day. Watch the video below to learn how to floss correctly with dental floss.


Flossing should be a habit for anyone who has teeth. It is important to keep your teeth healthy so you do not develop problems that may become both costly monetarily and health-wise. If you have any more questions about flossing, ask your dental hygienist at your next exam! We are happy to help educate you or your children how to prevent cavities and keep your smiles beautiful!

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