Chipped Tooth Repair

If you have a chipped tooth, or chipped teeth, it can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. Although, thankfully it is not usually painful unless the chip is large enough to expose nerves. We recommend scheduling an appointment with your dentist if you chip a tooth since not treating it may cause more damage and increase decay. At American Dental Solutions we utilize state of the art bonding techniques that can have your broken tooth or broken teeth repaired in as little as one easy, pain-free visit.

Chipped Tooth Bonding

At American Dental Solutions, when you acquire a chipped tooth or chipped teeth we can choose from a few different bonding techniques to restore your smile.

Chipped tooth bonding can be done using any of the following:

The most common fix for a broken tooth or broken teeth is to use dental bonding, which is also the least expensive and time consuming. However, each option does have their own benefits. Your American Dental Solutions dentist can help you determine the best course of action for you, so you can get right back to a great smile.

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