Dentures in a Day

Never go without teeth!

American Dental Solutions now offers the Dentures in a Day program, which produces high quality, handcrafted, custom-fitted premium dentures in just ONE DAY. If you are looking for quick dentures that don’t cut corners, then these dentures are perfect for you! Above all, we understand that your teeth are important, and this program ensures that you are taken care of with high quality, easy dentures. Same day dentures apply to our premium dentures only. A premium denture is defined as an upgrade to the standard denture because it includes more durable and natural looking teeth.

So don’t wait three to five weeks for traditional dentures, get your premium dentures in just one day! Schedule a two-three hour visit in the morning for any extractions needed and then come back by the end of the day for denture insertion. It’s that easy!

Most insurances accepted. Easy payment plans available. All same day dentures come with our industry leading 2 year warranty! Warranty: American Dental Solutions warrants this denture against breakage for a period of two years from date of delivery.*

Process of the One Day Dentures

  1. Impressions of your teeth, gums, and previous dentures (if applicable)
  2. Bite Blocks
  3. Bite Registration
  4. Wax try-on for fitting, function and appearance
  5. Tooth extractions as needed
  6. Wax denture adjustment and resetting for a proper fit
  7. Process and finish in Acrylic

*In rare cases, some immediate dentures may require 24-hours to complete. Relines may be necessary in the future.

Location for Same Day Dentures

Wyomissing One Day Dentures
1425 Penn Ave
Wyomissing, PA 19610

**Terms and Conditions of Warranty: American Dental Solutions will repair this denture free of charge for a period of two years from the date of delivery provided that the breakage occurred under normal usage. Normal usage to be determined by the management of American Dental Solutions. American Dental Solutions reserves the right to deny warranty coverage if breakage appears to be caused by abuse or neglect. Adjustments will be covered for sixty days from the date of delivery.

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